Web design was a logical progression from other electronic communication interest I have. Software such as QuarkXPress and Adobe Photoshop provided great design control for creating effective communication projects. Embarking upon my first web project, I shortly learned the control I had become accustomed to was not as easy to obtain through HTML.

My quest for more consistent control of web pages led me to a fantastic series of books by Lynda Weinman. I purchased many of them and began to excel not only in content control but design "look and feel" as well.

Having the tools for design control and understanding of design principles, I desired to squeeze all that was possible out of the HTML realm. My next steps lead me into dynamic content. Beginning with simple Perl CGI's and then into mark-up languages such as Blue Worlds, "Lasso", I developed my first e-commerce package from the ground up. This included writing the databases and PERL CGI to handle the secure (SSL) credit card transaction.

In the years that followed, my attention turned toward JavaScript and Web Based Applications. I continually search for ways to push the boundaries of the World Wide Web, HTML and the supporting technologies that make the internet a fantastic global communications tool.

I hope you enjoy browsing the web sites, web applications and tools I've created over the years.

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