Here's a small collection of some of my work. I've been developing software since my first computer in 1983. My programming talents began like many using BASIC built into a Commodore VIC-20. I soon realized the potential of creating completely custom solutions to meet specific needs and I was hooked. I developed some simple games in the early days and then transitioned to utilities to help me get various task done quicker. I also had a handful of years of electronic design under my belt and decided to merge the two together to create the first software/hardware solution that I tried to sell. It was essentially and computer controlled answering machine years before there was such a thing.

After going through one VIC-20 and two Commodore 64's I moved up to an Atari ST and continued to write software. Upon returning from a six month trip overseas I developed my first saleable software product called "The Worship Software". This software was eventually rewritten for the Macintosh and Windows computers. I still sell this software today and it's being used in many churches throughout the world. This product is now called Worship Works.

In the mid 1980's I began to develop automation software for my aerospace employer, Hughes Aircraft. Most was developed on early IBM PC's until I was introduced to the Macintosh which to this day is one of my favorite development platforms.

Many years later I was introduced to FileMaker Pro, a relational database program with an integrated scripting language. I really liked programming in FileMaker Pro due to its stable engine and cross platform capabilities. Over the past seven years I have pushed many boundaries with my FileMaker Pro programming capabilities.

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