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Physical Test Grid

Physical Test Metrics

Functional Test Grid

Functional Test Metrics

Time Budgeter

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METS Testing
A strategy to get essential testing done within the time frame given.

Time to Complete
Estimate the length of automated test execution


Physical Test Grid


Page completes loading
Loading completes in a reasonable amount of time

Page loading consistent between browser versions

Page loading time reasonable under load
Graphics, text and other elements seem to be in correct locations
Page has logical flow
Color contrast issues


Graphics loading completely
Graphics completed loading within same time frame
Consistently loading every time
Non-browser safe color pallet used
Scaling, cropping or image quality problems
Highly artifact (distorted) image quality
Unpredictable color rendering at various bit depths
Rollover graphics displaying correctly
Graphic rollover state providing correct transition illusion
Preloaders working correctly for quick screen redraw  
Graphical text within graphic is legible Correctly spelled text within graphic    
Forms Dropdown menus are functional
Dropdown menu contains all desired options
Submitted form contains dropdown menu selection(s)
Dropdown items are spelled correctly  

Radio Buttons are functional

Radio button effect, turning off related radio buttons is working

Submitted form contains radio button selection

Radio buttons are spelled correctly  

Checkboxes are functional

Selection of multiple checkboxes is possible

Submitted form contains checkbox selection(s)

Checkbox text is spelled correctly  

Text fields and boxes are functional

Text field and boxes have correctly spelled default text
Text fields allow enough room for a typical data entry  
  Submitted form contains text field and text box information

Buttons are functional

Button submitting or resetting form correctly
Buttons are spelled correctly  
Forms submitting correctly Hitting Return/Enter submits form
Form data being received


Data from submitted form validated and correct

Form validation working correctly      
Links Hyperlinks working
Hyperlinks going to correct destinations Link to page is not an error page
Hyperlinks spelled correctly    
Image links working.
Image links going to correct destination    
Email links working. Email links launching email client Email link addressing mail client correctly Email links going to correct recipient
Text Scan text for flow and readability
Typographical errors Consistent use of formatting Header text formatted consistently
    Footer text formatted consistently
    Look for special characters that can render incorrectly (i.e. &, @, _, ©, ®, ™ , •)

Does printable version fit in portrait mode
Does printable version fit in landscape mode
How is the readability of the printed page How is the readability in black and white
Are background images displaying correctly in printout  
How is the readability in color
Test for common User ID and Password combinations (i.e. admin / admin, admin / password, test / test)
Test for common FTP User ID and Password combinations (i.e. admin / admin, admin / password, test / test)
Is it possible to telnet into the server
Does URL provide clues to accessing data      

Verify dates and events Are the dates of the event possible Are dates formatted consistently  
Verify phone numbers
Call phone numbers to verify they are working Are phone numbers formatted consistently  
Verify the persons mentioned
Have the names been spelled correctly Is the person still in the referred to position Has the person authorized the use of their name
Verify places and locations
Have the places been spelled correctly    
Verify addresses Are the maps accurate    
Are the driving directions correct    
Plug-ins / Applets

Test page with correct plug-in Test with no plug-in installed
  Test with wrong plug-in version installed    
Test with Java installed Test with no Java installed    
  Test with wrong version of Java installed    
Logging / Tracking Are web logs reflecting activity Is there tractability of user actions   Do error logs capture problems
Download: worksheets.xls