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Functional Test Grid

Functional Test Metrics

Time Budgeter

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METS Testing
A strategy to get essential testing done within the time frame given.

Time to Complete
Estimate the length of automated test execution


Functional Test Grid







Creating an account possible

Can user change account details such as shipping address.

Can user delete an account?


Logging into an account possible.

Can user request forgotten login information?

Does account time out require re-login after specified inaction?

Is the user notified when why they must re-login?

Shopping Cart

Can an item be placed into the cart?

Can multiple items be put into shopping cart?

Do items consistently carry through purchase session?

Is tax being calculated correctly?

Can an item be removed from the cart?

Does cart reflect removed item correctly

Are removed items affecting the subtotal, total or tax?


Can more than one item be removed at a time?


Product Catalog

Can user get to online catalog?

Does online catalog reflect entire product line?

Can user sort catalog items buy price, size or color?

Does the catalog item reflect the product being sold?


Can user place an order?

Can user back out of an order?

Does using the browser back button effect the order transaction?

Is the user notified when a transaction is complete?


Can user save an order for later?

When user comes back to saved order is it accurate in items in cart and pricing?



Can user search from home page?

Do the search results link correctly to the found content?

Is the found content logical to the original search?

Were search results sorted according to the business rules?

Store Locator

Is the locator functional from the home page?

Are the locator results correct according to business rules.

Is the address, phone number and store hours correct for the returned results?


File Down-loading

Is the file accessible for downloading?

Does the download work correctly once on the customers computer?

Is the download easy to locate?

Are the file size(s) and operating system requirements correct?

File Up-loading

Can a customer upload a file?

Is the upload functionality providing an intact file on the business side once upload is complete?

Is the file correctly relatable back to the originating customer and/or order?

Are the upload instructions clear and understandable?

Download: worksheets.xls