I love art. It's become a refreshing way to unwind after a long day. As a child, I took art lessons at the local community center. Then after a few years I lost interest all together.

Then a few years ago, I was vacationing with my family in Yosemite valley in California. A free water color class was being offered and I decided there was nothing to lose so I signed up. By the end of that afternoon, I was hooked. My picture wasn't all that great but I loved the idea of having a hobby that not computer related with the exception of putting some of my drawing and paintings on this web site of course.

I worked in watercolors for a few months and then decided to begin drawing as well. Later I took up oil painting and really loved it. I now have a new appreciation for the world of art. A favorite past time of mine is to go to art museums and sketch famous paintings and drawings. It's a great way to learn and appreciate the amazing talents God has given to so many artist.

As I studied art in depth, I gained a love for the Impressionist style of painting. My favorite artist, Renoir, had a very humble up bringing and painted china in the family business. I like the impressionist style so much because it's spontaneous and free filled with lots of rich colors. I'm sure there are rules to this style, but I try to enjoy the creation process and not get perturbed because my drawing or painting doesn't look perfect. Another favorite artist of mine is Degas. He's best known for his paintings of ballet dancers and also was a very good sculptor in bronze.

I hope you enjoy the handful of artistic creations I have put on this site.

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